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JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes - San Francisco, October 2012

This day was amazing. The shirts came out awesome (we got a lot of attention with them), San Francisco was beautiful, the Giants won the World Series, and we raised over $3,500 for the cause.  Not bad for our first year out there.  

Click the group photo below to see more event photos:




Getting Ready To Walk!

In the home strength now. Tomorrow marks the one month mark before the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes in San Francisco! It's super exciting kiddos, I think in some ways, it's like a diabetes coming out party for me.  I've done the small scale events and support groups and now I'm diving into the deep end of T1D activities.  

The best you ask? Is that I'm doing it with a crowd of people I love.  In addition to fabulous friends and my parents (mom, mom-in-law, dad-in-law), my sweet dog Jasper will also be in grad attendance!  I feel a lot of anticipation as the event nears.  Probably because I just started taking care of details such as ordering our shirts. 

The front will say:

As for the back:

You too can rock and represent Team T1DWTF in this shirt too as I've yet to place the order.  If you walk on the team, it's covered, otherwise the shirts run $17 each (100% cotton, men's crew, women's are v-necks, colors are TBD).  Hit me up if you want in on the order - which will be placed by the 10th of October (at the latest).  

The details to join are here as well: http://www2.jdrf.org/site/TR?team_id=50919&fr_id=1801&pg=team. The event starts around 9:00am and there will be carpooliing out of the Santa Cruz area. 

This is totally a shameless plug to get you involved and I hope you will think about. The JDRF is doing some amazing things and we can all play a part to help move the progress along while having a fun time together.  


Clubbing with T1D

Despite this post's exciting title - I did not, nor have I in recent memory - gone clubbing.  I, dear friends, was referring to my headlong jump into diabetes-related activities.  Last week, me and other members of the JDRF Walk Team T1DWTF (join or donate now!), went to not one, but two, baseball games all in the name of T1D.  

First on Tuesday, six of the crew headed to see the Oakland A's take on the Los Angeles A's (Oakland won if you are curious). As one of the top-fundraising teams for the JDRF walks, we won tickets to watch the game in style from one of the outfield suites along with some other top fundraisers.  Not only did we get sausages delivered to the room but there was a uncrowded bar in walking distance and most important - a private bathroom. Also, we got a good view of a crew of about 40 folks who apparently attend most, if not all, of the A's games, wave flags and perform, in unison, the "Bernie" dance.   

Friday was the 'big' day in that it was the Kickoff Party for the Bay Area Walk to Cure Diabetes at the SF Giants game which was a tailgate party followed by watching the game as a crowd. It was also the first time to really engage with the JDRF and see what it's all about. Turns out it's about nice people, good food and a great cause. I couldn't have asked for a better evening in the city. It was gorgeous outside and not only were there lots of teammates present but I also got to meet a woman who connected with me via my blog, check in with some of the point people from different support groups in the area (who gave me great advice, contacts, and were incredibly gracious) and I saved a boy.

That's right, you heard it here first - I saved a boy. Well saved him from high fasting blood sugars, but I'll take the win just the same. His family had accidentally left his Lantus (long-lasting insulin) at home. Because of the way this insulin works, it's really critical that you take it around the same time each day so that you don't go without any insulin in your system when the fast-acting insulin wears off. So yay on my first diabetes share (don't worry medical personnel - I had extra pen needles). 

Save for the Giants loss and a low BG reading (it did justify stadium food however), the night was tremendous. Although this was certainly not a club I was seeking, it's one that I do look forward to being a part of. It's amazing the comfort that comes with shared experience. I have been so refreshed by the attitude, grace and overwhelming kindness of those that I have reached out to and those that have reached out to me. In the coming weeks, I hope to get to know everyone a little better, feel a bit more at home at these kinds of events, and hopefully one day I'll be able to help someone do the same.  

Half of Team T1DWTF (and Kevin!) - just wait till we have our team shirts people - it will be epic.


Off to the races! 

So not being one to waste time (or mince words, fyi), it's time to fundraise for a cure as I'm not interested in having this (t1d) be a permanent state. I've hitched my wagon to the San Francisco chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's 2012 Walk to Cure Diabetes on October 28, 2012. 

175 days from now my humble goal is that Team T1DWTF can raise at minimum $1,000 in the fight to end this disease. My individual goal is $200 smackerals.

I hope all my bay area friends will consider signing up for the team and joining us as we have a lot of sugar-free fun for a great cause.  If you aren't in the area but would like to lend your support financially, I would be most grateful.

All the details can be found below at our team page: http://www2.jdrf.org/goto/t1dwtf