A request. 

Ok kiddos - I've got a request. Don't ask me, "Is this something you can eat?"


Let's try instead, "Is this something you want to eat?"  

When I get asked the former, I feel put in a diabetic box. Like I have no say in my food choices and I'm just stuck with sugar-free candy and cheese sticks for the rest of my days. And frankly, I'm not a fan of that.  

Because Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease (not a metabolic disease - like Type 2), I can truly eat whatever I want. I just have to offset whatever I eat with the appropriate amount of insulin.  As a result, there are certain items that I now choose not to eat, simply because it is easier or I don't like how my blood sugar rises (despite insulin offset) when I have them.  

For example, on average I take about 5-8 units of insulin when I have a meal and if I choose wisely - that can be a lot of food - yummy veggies, tasty proteins, and even a sweet.  On the flipside however, if I just choose whatever, then that 5-8 units might only coverage a couple pieces of french bread that come before the meal is even served.  Thus I choose to skip the french bread in favor of a full meal and a smaller dose of insulin. There's also super sugary drinks, such as a margarita, that despite insulin offset, will send my blood sugar through the roof and clear into the sludgey 200s (mg/dL), resulting in a groggy, irritable Michelle - which, let's face it - no one is a big fan of. And thus, I have myself a glass of wine instead and skip the high.  

If you have been a person to ask me the dreaded question I ask you now to rephrase - please know that I understand that you are asking from a place of concern and trying to comprehend how my lifestyle has been modified. And know that I appreciate that you care.

Let's just not do it again, shall we? ;)

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Eep. I know I'm guilty of asking you that. In my defense, I'm used to that question for my own dietary restrictions because, well, in my case, it's accurate.

Sorry! Want to eat some of the pickles and jams I've been making like crazy?

July 5, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterjess

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